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Fan question 3 with Rick Macci
High Backhand Volley with Craig Kardon
Learn tips on how to hit a high backhand volley.
Length: 1:00
Overhead Preparation with Craig Kardon
Learn three key steps on how to prepare to hit an overhead.
Length: 1:00
First Ball after the Serve with Craig Kardon
Learn what to do after you serve.
Length: 1:00
Fan question 1 with Rick Macci
Do you start a beginner with a open stance, a closed stance or semiopen?
Length: 2:13
Fan question 2 with Rick Macci
At what age do you recommend teaching a junior to hit a kick serve?
Length: 1:37
Fan question 3 with Rick Macci
Do you recommend teaching an adult a kicker (Kick Serve) at the 2.0, 2.5 or 3.0 level?
Length: 1:35
Fan question 4 with Rick Macci
Is it better to start a child with a semiwestern grip or an eastern forehand grip?
Length: 1:51
Fan question 5 with Rick Macci
What is your opinion on the racquet size for younger players and why?
Length: 1:53
Interview with Mark Kovacs, Ph.D.
Mark Kovacs explains how exercises can imrpove your serve.
Length: 0:58
Fan question 6 with Hank Pfister
Where do you split step when you serve and volley?
Length: 0:53